Selected Publications
Selected Publications in Dept. Vet. Anat., Univ. of Tokyo (2002~ present)

* Igarashi H, Uemura, M, Hiramatsu R, Hiramatsu R, Segami S, Pattarapanawan M, Hirate Y, Yoshimura Y, Hashimoto H, Higashiyama H, Sumitomo H, Kurohmaru M, Saijoh Y, Suemizu H, Kanai-Azuma M, Kanai Y. (2018)
Sox17 is essential for proper formation of the marginal zone of extraembryonic endoderm adjacent to a developing mouse placental disk.
Biol Reprod, in press.Abstract

* Higashiyama, H., Ozawa, A., Sumitomo, H., Uemura, M., Fujino, K., Igarashi, H., Imaimatsu, K., Tsunekawa, N., Hirate, Y., Kurohmaru, M., Saijoh, Y., Kanai-Azuma, M., and Kanai, Y.. (2017)
Embryonic Cholecystitis and Defective Gallbladder Contraction in the Sox17-haploinsufficient Model of Biliary Atresia.
Development, 144(10):1906-1917.Abstract

Hirate Y., Suzuki, H., Kawasumi, M., Takase, M.H., Igarashi, H., Naquet, P., Kanai, Y., Kanai-Azuma, M. (2016)
Mouse Sox17 haploinsufficiency leads to female subfertility due to impaired implantation.
Sci Rep, 6, 24171.Abstract

* Aiyama Y, Tsunekawa N, Kishi K, Kawasumi M, Suzuki H, Kanai-Azuma M, Kurohmaru M, Kanai Y. (2015)
A niche for GFRa1-positive spermatogonia in the terminal segments of the seminiferous tubules in hamster testes.
Stem Cells, 33(9):2811-24. Abstract

Rommelaere S, Millet V, Vu Manh TP, Gensollen T, Andreoletti P, Cherkaoui-Malki M, Bourges C, Escaliere B, Du X, Xia Y, Imb ert J, Beutler B, Kanai Y, Malissen B, Malissen M, Tailleux A, Staels B, Galland F, Naquet P. (2014)
Sox17 regulates liver lipid metabolism and adaptation to fasting.
PLoS One, 9(8):e104925. Abstract

Nobuhisa I, Osawa M, Uemura M, Kishikawa Y, Anani M, Harada K, Takagi H, Saito K, Kanai-Azuma M, Kanai Y, Iwama A, Taga T. (2014)
Sox17-mediated maintenance of fetal intra-aortic hematopoietic cell clusters.
Mol Cell Biol, 34(11):1976-90. Abstract

Kuroki, S., Matoba, S., Akiyoshi, M., Matsumura, Y., Miyachi, H., Mise, N., Abe, K., Ogura, A., Wilhelm, D., Koopman, P., Nozaki, M., Kanai, Y., Shinkai, Y., Tachibana, M. (2013)
Epigenetic regulation of mouse sex determination by the histone demethylase Jmjd1a.
Science, 341(6150):1106-9. Abstract

Fujimoto, Y., Tanaka, S.S., Yamaguchi, Y.L., Kobayashi, H., Kuroki, S., Tachibana, M., Shinomura, M., Kanai, Y., Morohashi, K., Kawakami, K., Nishinakamura, R. (2013)
Homeoproteins six1 and six4 regulate male sex determination and mouse gonadal development.
Dev Cell, 26(4):416-30. Abstract

* Harikae, K., Miura, K., Shinomura, M., Matoba, S., Hiramatsu, R., Tsunekawa, N., Kanai-Azuma, M., Kurohmaru, M., Morohashi, K. and Kanai, Y. (2013)
Heterogeneity in Sexual Bipotentiality and Plasticity of Granulosa Cells in Developing Mouse Ovaries.
J. Cell Sci., 126 (13): 2834-44. Abstract

* Uemura, M., Ozawa, A., Nagata, T., Kurasawa, K., Tsunekawa, N., Nobuhisa, I., Taga, T., Hara, K., Kudo, A., Kawakami, H., Saijoh, Y., Kurohmaru, M., Kanai-Azuma, M., and Kanai, Y. (2013)
Sox17 haploinsufficiency results in perinatal biliary atresia and hepatitis in C57BL/6 background mice.
Development 140 (3), 639-648. Abstract

Saund, R.S., Kanai-Azuma, M., Kanai, Y., Kim, I., Lucero, M.T., Saijoh, Y. (2012)
Gut endoderm is involved in transfer of left right asymmetry from the node to the lateral plate mesoderm in the mouse embryo.
Development 139(13):2426-35. Abstract

Katoh-Fukui, Y., Miyabayashi, K., Komatsu, T., Owaki A., Baba, T., Shima, Y., Kidokoro, T., Kanai, Y., Schedl, A., Wilhelm, D., Koopman, P., Okuno, Y., Morohashi, K. (2012)
Cbx2, a polycomb group gene, is required for Sry gene expression in mice.
Endocrinology, 153(2):913-24. Abstract

* Sato,T., Aiyama, Y., Ishii-Inagaki, M., Hara, K., Tsunekawa, N., Harikae, K., Uemura-Kamata, M., Shinomura, M., Zhu, X.B., Maeda, S., Kuwahara-Otani, S., Kudo, A., Kawakami, H., Kanai-Azuma, M., Fujiwara, M., Miyamae, Y., Yoshida, S., Seki, M., Kurohmaru, M., Kanai, Y.(2011)
Cyclical and Patch-like GDNF Distribution along the Basal Surface of Sertoli cells in Mouse and Hamster Testes.
PLoS One, 6(12): e28367.Abstract

* Hiramatsu, R., Harikae, K., Tsunekawa, N., Kurohmaru, M., Matsuo, I., Kanai, Y. (2010)
FGF signaling directs a center-to-pole expansion of tubulogenesis in mouse testis differentiation.
Development. 137(2):303-12.Abstract

* Hara, K., Kanai-Azuma, M., Uemura, M., Shitara, H., Taya, C., Yonekawa, H., Kawakami, H., Tsunekawa, N., Kurohmaru, M., Kanai, Y. (2009)
Evidence for crucial role of hindgut expansion in directing proper migration of primordial germ cells in mouse early embryogenesis.
Dev Biol. 330(2):427-39.Abstract

* Hiramatsu, R., Matoba, S., Kanai-Azuma, M., Tsunekawa, N., Katoh- Fukui, Y., Kurohmaru, M., Morohashi, K., Wilhelm, D., Koopman, P, Kanai, Y. (2009)
A critical time window of Sryaction in gonadal sex determination in mice.
Development. 136(1):129-38. Abstract

* Matoba, S., Hiramatsu, R., Kanai-Azuma, M., Tsunekawa, N., Harikae, K., Kawakami, H., Kurohmaru, M., Kanai, Y. (2008)
Establishment of testis-specific SOX9 activation requires high-glucose metabolism in mouse sex differentiation.
Dev Biol. 324(1):76-87. Abstract

Kimura, T., Tomooka, M., Yamano, N., Murayama, K., Matoba, S., Umehara, H., Kanai, Y., Nakano, T. (2008)
Akt signaling promotes derivation of embryonic germ cells from primordial germ cells.
Development 135(5):869-79Abstract

Shimoda, M., Kanai-Azuma, M., Hara, K., Miyazaki, S., Kanai, Y., Monden, M., Miyazaki, J. (2007)
Sox17 plays a substantial role in late-stage differentiation of the extraembryonic endoderm in vitro.
J. Cell Sci. 120, 3859-3869.Abstract

* Ishii, M., Tachiwana, T., Hoshino, A., Tsunekawa, N., Hiramatsu, R., Matoba, S., Kanai-Azuma, M., Kawakami H., Kurohmaru, M., Kanai, Y. (2007)
Potency of testicular somatic environment to support spermatogenesis in XX/Sry transgenic male mice.
Development 134, 449-454.Abstract

Wilhelm, D., Hiramatsu, R., Mizusaki, H., Widjaja, L., Combes, A.N., Kanai, Y., Koopman, P. (2007)
SOX9 regulates prostaglandin D synthase gene transcription in vivo to ensure testis development.
J. Biol. Chem. 282,10553-10560.Abstract

Honda, A., Hirose, M., Hara, K., Matoba, S.,Inoue, K., Hiura, H., Miki, H., Kanai, Y., Kono, T., Shinohara, T., Ogura A. (2007)
Isolation, characterization, and in vitro and in vivo differentiation of putative thecal stem cells.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 104(30):12389-12394.Abstract

* Matsui, T., Kanai-Azuma, M., Hara K., Matoba, S., Hiramatsu, R., Kawakami, H., Kurohmaru, M., Koopman, P., Kanai Y. (2006)
Redundant roles of Sox17 and Sox18 in postnatal angiogenesis in mice.
J. Cell Sci. 119 (17): 3513-3526.Abstract

Suzuki, T., Kanai Y., Hara, T., Sasaki, J., Sasaki, T., Kohara, M., Maehama, T., Taya, C., Shitara, H., Yonekawa, H., Frohman, M.A.., Yokozeki, T., Kanaho, Y. (2006)
Crucial role of the small GTPase ARF6 in hepatic cord formation during liver development.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 26(16): 6149-6156.Abstract

Sohn, J., Natale, J., Chew, L-J., Belachew, S., Cheng, Y., Aguirre, A., Lytle, J., Kanai-Azuma, M., Kanai, Y., Gallo, V. (2006)
Identification of Sox17 as a transcription factor that regulates oligodendrocyte development.
J. Neurosci. 26(38): 9722-9735.Abstract

Matsuura, R., Kogo, H., Ogaeri, T., Miwa, T., Kuwahara, M., Kanai, Y., Nakagawa, T., Kuroiwa, A., Fujimoto, T., Torihashi, S. (2006)
Crucial transcription factors in endoderm and embryonic gut development are expressed in gut-like structures from mouse ES cells.
Stem Cells, 24 (3): 624-630.Abstract

* Kidokoro, T., Matoba S., Hiramatsu, R., Fujisawa, M., Kanai-Azuma, M., Taya, C., Kurohmaru, M., Kawakami, H., Hayashi, Y., Kanai, Y., Yonekawa, H. (2005)
Influence on spatiotemporal patterns of a male-specific Sox9 activation by ectopic Sry Expression during early phases of testis differentiation in mice.
Dev. Biol. 278(2), 511-525.Abstract

* Matoba, S., Kanai, Y., Kidokoro, T., Kanai-Azuma, M., Kawakami, H., Hayashi, Y., Kurohmaru, M. (2005)
A novel Sry-downstream cellular event which preserves the readily available energy source of glycogen in mouse sex differentiation.
J. Cell Sci. 118(7), 1449-1459.Abstract

Tam, P.P., Kanai-Azuma, M., Kanai, Y. (2003)
Endoderm development in vertebrates: lineage differentiation and morphogenetic function.
Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 13, 393-400.Abstract

* Kanai-Azuma, M., Kanai, Y., Gad, J.M., Tajima, Y., Taya, C., Kurohmaru, M., Sanai, Y., Yonekawa, H., Yazaki, K., Tam, P.P.L., Hayashi, Y. (2002)
Depletion of definitive gut endoderm in Sox17-null mutant mice.
Development 129, 2367-2379.Abstract