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Studying animal behaviors scientifically and synthetically, we aim to gain a further understanding of the mechanism and significance of animal behaviors. We are studying in hope of improving the human-animal relations.
What is a "good" environment for animals? What is the "proper" relationship between animals and human beings? What determines the behavioral patterns of animals? How do animals communicate with each other? Such are queries we would like to answer.


1. Chemical Communication in Mammals

For many mammalian species, the olfactory system is one of the most important sources of information. We, therefore, carry out pheromonal studies to unveil the world of chemical communication. More specifically, we work on the "male effect" pheromones in goats, the "alarm" pheromones and the "appeasing" pheromones in rodents. Identifying the effective molecules, searching for their receptors, and revealing their production systems, are some subjects we are working on now. Click here for more information!

2. Behavioral Genetics in Dogs

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, and it is not too much to say that they are the most closely associated with humankind. The perpetual breeding has resulted in many breeds, each with distinct temperamental characteristics. We carry out studies to identify canine temperament-associated genes, which are expected to contribute to the selection of working dogs, such as guide dogs. Click here for more information!

3. Treatment of Behavior Problems in Companion Animals

Companion animals such as dogs and cats sometimes show behavior problems; it may bark and growl, bite family members, or become unruly when left alone. We engage in treating such behavior problems at the Veterinary Medical Center, and back in the lab, take scientific approaches to more efficient treatments.

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