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We are studying animal behavior in order to obtain King Solomon's ring! The brain and genes are major factors that control animal behavior. We are analyzing the roles these factors play in chemical communication and temperament, respectively. Accumulating our knowledge of animal behavior would contribute to establishing good relationships between humans and animals, as well as enabling us to communicate with animals and understand the animal "mind" in the future.

In mammals, chemical communication plays an important role in various social interactions. Therefore, it would be an ideal experimental model to analyze the neural mechanisms underlying their natural behaviors and their "mind." We are currently studying the male effect pheromone, which stimulates the GnRH neurons of female goats; the alarm pheromone, which activates the anxiety circuit in the brain of other rats; and the appeasing pheromone, which suppresses the activation of the amygdala of other rats in response to threats. We believe that we can understand animals' natural lives more accurately when we analyze their chemical communication.

take kiyo
Associate Professor:
DVM. Ph.D.

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