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Ueno M, Ito H, Kanke T, Matsuno Y, Fujii W, Naito K, Sugiura K.
Expression and function of the non-neuronal cholinergic system during ovarian follicular development in mice.

Journal of Mammalian Ova Research (in press)
Imaimatsu K, Fujii W, Hiramatsu R, Miura K, Kurohmaru M, Kanai Y.
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knock-in of murine Y chromosomal Sry gene.

J Reprod Dev. (in press).
Fujioka YA, Onuma A, Fujii W, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Contributions of UBE2C and UBE2S to meiotic progression of porcine oocytes.
J Reprod Dev. 64: 253-259 (2018).
Ooga M, Fuyana S, Hashioka Y, Fujii W, Naito K, Suzuki MG, Aoki F.
Chd9 mediates highly loosened chromatin structure in growing mouse oocytes.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 500: 583-588 (2018)
Onuma A, Fujioka YA, Fujii W, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Effects of exportin 1 on nuclear transport and meiotic resumption in porcine full-grown and growing oocytes.
Biol Reprod. 98: 501-509 (2018).
Yang Q, Fujii W, Kaji N, Kakuta S, Kada K, Kuwahara M, Tsubone H, Ozaki H, Hori M.
The essential role of phospho-T38 CPI-17 in the maintenance of physiological blood pressure using genetically modified mice.
FASEB J. 32:2095-2109 (2018).
Mizobuchi H, Fujii W, Ishizuka K, Wang Y, Watanabe S, Sanjoba C, Matsumoto Y, Goto Y.
MRP14 is dispensable for LPS-induced shock in BALB/c mice.
Immunol Lett. 194:13-20 (2017).
Fujii W, Ikeda A, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Efficient generation of genome-modified mice using Campylobacter jejuni-derived CRISPR/Cas.
Int J Mol Sci. 18: 2286 (2017)
Muroi T, Matsushima Y, Kanamori R, Inoue H, Yoshida K, Fujii W, Yogo K.
GPR62 constitutively activates cAMP signaling but is dispensable for male fertility in mice.
Reproduction. 154: 755-764 (2017)
Koyanagi N, Imai T, Shindo K, Sato A, Fujii W, Ichinohe T, Takemura N, Kakuta S, Uematsu S, Kiyono H, Maruzuru Y, Arii J, Kato A, Kawaguchi Y.
Herpes simplex virus-1 evasion of CD8+ T-cell accumulation contributes to viral encephalitis.
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Li Q, Fujii W, Naito K, Yoshizaki G.
Application of dead end-knockout zebrafish to recipients of germ cell transplantation.
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Nakamura T, Fujiwara Y, Yamada R, Fujii W, Hamabata T, Lee MY, Maeda S, Aritake K, Roers A, Sessa WC, Nakamura M, Urade Y, Murata T.
Mast cell-derived prostaglandin D2 attenuates anaphylactic reactions in mice.
J Allergy Clin Immunol. 140: 630-632 (2017)
Omachi S, Fujii W, Azuma N, Morimoto A, Sanjoba C, Matsumoto Y, Goto Y.
B-cell activating factor deficiency suppresses splenomegaly during Leishmania donovani infection.
Biocheml Biophys Res Commun. 489: 528-533 (2017)
Nakamura H, Katayama T, Okabe T, Iwashita K, Fujii W, Kitamoto K, Maruyama JI.
Highly efficient gene targeting in Aspergillus oryzae industrial strains under ligD mutation introduced by genome editing: Strain-specific differences in the effects of deleting EcdR, the negative regulator of sclerotia formation.
J Gen Appl Microbiol. 63: 172-178 (2017)
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Efficient mutagenesis by CRISPR/Cas system during meiotic maturation of porcine oocytes.
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Matsuno Y, Onuma A, Fujioka YA, Yasuhara K, Fujii W, Naito K, Sugiura K.
Effects of exosome-like vesicles on cumulus expansion in pigs in vitro.
J Reprod Dev, 63: 51-58 (2017). 表紙を飾りました!
Fujii W.
Generation of Knock-in Mouse by Genome Editing.
Methods Mol Biol. 1630:chapter8 (2017)
37-43 (2017).
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Maruyama SY, Ito M, Ikami Y, Okitsu Y, Ito C, Toshimori K, Fujii W, Yogo K.
A critical role of solute carrier 22a14 in sperm motility and male fertility in mice.
Scientific Reports, 6: 36468 (2016).
Fujioka YA, Onuma A, Fujii W, Sugiura K,Naito K.
Analyses of EMI functions on meiotic maturation of porcine oocytes.
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Effects of whole genome duplication on cell size and gene expression in mouse embryonic stem cells.
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Fujii W, Kakuta S, Yoshioka S, Kyuwa S,Sugiura K,Naito K.
Zygote-mediated generation of genome-modified mice using Streptococcus thermophiles 1-derived CRISPR/Cas system.
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Sumitomo J, Emori C, Matsuno Y, Ueno M, Kawasaki K Endo TA, Shiroguchi K, Fujii W, Naito K, Sugiura K.
Mouse oocytes suppress mir-322-5p expression in ovarian granulosa cells.
J Reprod Dev, 62: 393-399 (2016).
Matsuno Y, Onuma A, Fujioka YA, Emori C, Fujii W, Naito K, Sugiura K.
Effects of porcine oocytes on the expression levels of transcripts encoding glycolytic enzymes in granulosa cells.
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Guo J, Shi L, Gong X, Jiang M, Yin Y, Zhang X, Yin H, Li H, Emori C, Sugiura K, Eppig JJ, Su YQ.
Oocyte-dependent activation of MTOR in cumulus cells controls the development and survival of cumulus-oocyte complexes.
J Cell Sci. 129: 3091-3103 (2016).
化学と生物. 54(8): 568-74. 2016.

藤井渉, 角田茂
CRISPR/Cas システムの近年の動向とインターフェロン・サイトカイン分野への応用.
JSICR Newsletter 41: 8-14 (2016).

Yoshioka S, Fujii W, Ogawa T, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Development of a mono-promoter-driven CRISPR/Cas9 system in mammalian cells.
Scientific Reports, 5: 18341 (2015).
Fujii W, Onuma A, Yoshioka S, Nagashima K, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Finding of a highly efficient ZFN pair for Aqprp gene functioning in murine zygotes.
J Reprod Dev, 61: 589-593 (2015).
Wigglesworth K, Lee KB, Emori C, Sugiura K, Eppig JJ.
Transcriptomic diversification of developing cumulus and mural granulosa cells in mouse ovarian follicles.
Biol Reprod. 92: 23, 1-14 (2015).
Imai H, Kano K, Fujii W, Takasawa K, Wakitani S, Hiyama M, Nishino K, Kusakabe KT, Kiso Y
Tetraploid Embryonic Stem Cells Maintain Pluripotency and Differentiation Potency into Three Germ Layers.
.PLoS One, 10: e0130585 (2015).
複数座位を標的としたゲノム改変マウスの作製:現状と課題;真下知士、城石俊彦 監修、進化するゲノム編集技術
133-141 (2015)
252. 159-163 (2015).
Furukawa S, Matsuno Y, Emori C, Fujii W, Naito K, Sugiura K.
Expression and regulation of FGF receptors in mouse granulosa cells.
J Mamm Ova Res, 31: 86-92, (2014).
Nakamura K, Fujii W, Tsuboi M, Tanihata J, Teramoto N, Takeuchi S, Naito K, Yamanouchi K, Nishihara M.
Generation of muscular dystrophy model rats with a CRISPR/Cas system.
Scientific Reports, 4: 5635 (2014).
Fujii W, Onuma A, Sugiura K, Naito K.
One-step generation of phenotype-expressing triple-knockout mice with heritable mutated alleles by the CRISPR/Cas9 system.
J. Reprod. Dev. 60: 324-327 (2014). 表紙を飾りました!
Emori C, Sugiura K.
Role of oocyte-derived paracrine factors in follicular development.
Animal Science Journal, 85: 627-633 (2014) ASJ優秀論文賞を受賞しました!
Fujii W, Onuma A, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Efficient generation of genome-modified mice via offset-nicking by CRISPR/Cas system.
Biochem Biophys Res Comm, 445: 791-794 (2014)
Nishimura T, Fujii W, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Cytoplasmic Anchoring of cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase (PKA) by A-Kinase Anchor Proteins (AKAPs) Is Required for Meiotic Arrest of Porcine Full-Grown and Growing Oocytes.
Biol Reprod, 90, 58: 1-10 (2014)
Kawai I, Matsumura H, Fujii W, Naito K, Kusakabe K, Kiso Y, Kano K.
Discoidin domain receptor 2 (DDR2) regulates body size and fat metabolism in mice.
Transgenic Research. 23: 165-175 (2014).
Hisaki T, Kawai I, Sugiura K, Naito K, Kano K.
Regulation of embryonic size in early mouse development in vitro culture system.
Zygote 22: 340-347 (2014).
JSICR Newsletter 38: 36-42 (2014).
角田茂, 藤井渉.
LABIO21 57: 16-19 (2014).
角田茂, 藤井渉.
46(6): 567-570 (2014)
CRISPR/Cas RNA顕微注入法によるゲノム改変マウス作製

JSI Newsletter 22:29 (2014).
朝倉書店、東京 118-132 (2014)
江森千紘, 川ア紅, 杉浦幸二
Journal of Assisted Reproduction 17: 3-8 (2014).
Fujii W, Kawasaki K, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Efficient generation of large-scale genome-modified-mice using gRNA and CAS9 endonuclease.
Nucleic Acids Res. 41, e187 (2013).
Nishimura T, Sugiura K, Naito K.
A-kinase anchor protein 1 (AKAP1) regulates cAMP- dependent protein kinase (PKA) localization and is involved in meiotic maturation of porcine oocytes.
Biol Reprod. 88: 85, 1-9 (2013).

Fujii W, Kano K, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Repeatable Construction Method for Engineered Zinc Finger Nuclease Based on Overlap Extension PCR and TA-cloning.
PLoS One 8: e59801 (2013).

Emori C, Wigglesworth K, Fujii W, Naito K, Eppig JJ, Sugiura K.
Cooperative effects of 17bete-estradiol and oocyte-derived paracrine factors on the transcriptome of mouse cumulus cells.
Endocrinology. 154: 4859-4872 (2013).

CRISPR/Cas9 システムによるゲノム改変動物の作製とその応用

JSICR Newsletter 36:22-26 (2013).
受精と初期発生; 日本繁殖生物学会編
インターズー、東京 207-221 (2013).
Kawai I, Hisaki T, Sugiura K, Naito K, Kano K.
Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 (DDR2) regulates proliferation of endochondral cells in mice.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 427:611-617 (2012).
Nishimura T, Fujii W, Kano K, Sugiura K, Naito K.
Analyses of the involvement of PKA regulation mechanism in meiotic incompetence of porcine growing oocytes.
Biol Reprod. 87: 53, 1-8 (2012)
Seki M, Iwamori T, Nukumi N, Yamanouchi K, Kano K, Naito K, Tojo H.
Identification of Whey Acidic Protein (WAP) in Dog Milk.
Experimental Animals. 61:67-70 (2012)

Fujii W, Nishimura T, Kano K, Sugiura K, Naito K.
CDK7 and CCNH are components of CDK-activating kinase and are required for meiotic progression of porcine oocytes.
Biol. Reprod. 85: 1124-1132 (2011)

Egashira A, Kano K, Naito K.
Preimplantation-embryo-specific cell-cycle regulation is attributable to a low expression of retinoblastoma protein rather than its phosphorylation.
J.Reprod Dev. 57: 492-499 (2011)


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Analyses of the regulatory mechanism of porcine Wee1B: The phosphorylation sites of porcine WEE1B and mouse WEE1B are different.
J Reprod Dev, 57: 223-228 (2011)
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Role of oocyte-derived factors in ovarian follicular development and ovulation.
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Histone exchange activity and its correlation with histone acetylation status in porcine oocytes.
Reproduction 141: 397-405 (2011)

Ito M, Yamanouchi K, Naito K, Calos MP, Tojo H.
Site-specific integration of transgene targeting an endogenous lox-like site in early mouse embryos.
J. Appl. Genet. 52: 89-94 (2011)

卵子由来growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9)森 崇英 総編集、卵子学
京都大学学術出版会、京都: 251-262. (2011)
医歯薬出版、東京: 227-231. (2011)
松羅里奈、関 真美、岩森督子、生見尚子、加納 聖、内藤邦彦, 東條英昭
動物遺伝育種研究 39:7-15. (2011).
内藤邦彦、藤井 渉、西村鷹則
近代出版、東京:56-60 (2011)
朝倉書店、東京:105-119. (2011).
Naito K, Nishimura Y, Yamamuro T, Shimaoka T, Fujii W, Suzuki M, Nishimura T, Kano K.
Upstream factors regulating the maturation/M-phase promoting factor activity during oocyte maturation.
J Mamm Ova Res 27: 27-34 (2010)
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Ubiquitous expression of Sry induces embryonic lethalityrelated to suppression of Tie2/Tek expression.
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Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 (DDR2) is required for maintenance of spermatogenesis in male mice.
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Estrogen promotes the development of mouse cumulus cells in coordination with oocyte-derived GDF9 and BMP15.
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Does Bone Morphogenetic Protein 6 (BMP6) Affect Female Fertility in the Mouse?
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Expression profiling of tetraploid mouse embryos in the developmental stages using a cDNA microarray analysis.
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Insufficient amount of Cdc2 and continuous activation of Wee1 B are the cause of meiotic failure in porcine growing oocytes.
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A novel ENU-induced mutation, peewee, causes dwarfism in the mouse.
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